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Updated: Jan 24, 2023

A delicious mixture of feta cheese and roasted vegetables

I don't really like vegetables... but I want to be more plant-based in my meal prep My first attempt at this was in college - only I didn't eat vegetables... just carbs - bagels, pasta, etc. so technically I was a "carb-etarian". This time around I am trying to make food that includes veggies - and this is such a gem of a concept because the veggies are hidden in a tasty feta spread!

Recipe: 1 container of feta, roasted vegetables, Italian seasoning. Place in food processor and blend until it becomes a sort of cheese ball spread. Note: I don't like black olives but I bet they would be a good add. Also for fresh aromatics, try dill.

Then I put it in EVERYTHING!

Eggplant Rollatini - Use as a substitute for ricotta)

Vegetarian Lasagna - I substitute a butternut squash sauce for tomato sauce)

Egg Bites - Give it a really good stir to make sure the ingredients don't sink the bottom. Use a Turkey Baster for your mixture to get a perfect pour and silicone muffin trays for easy removal and no egg residue to scrub!

Music: Fetty Wap - Sweet Yamz

**I just went for the pun here...And wanted to see my 15 year old son's reaction when I was playing it in the kitchen. This is NOT my jam. My dear friend made a song parody featuring the sounds of Fetty and a barking seal... they are indistinguishable... Thank you to Kevin Patrick Sweeney for sharing the link!

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