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Friendsgiving - A Poetic Meal Prep

Recipe: Cream Cheese and Sour Cream Potatoes - The Pioneer Woman

The poem: My variation on "Twas the Night Before Christmas"

‘‘Twas the night before Friendsgiving and all through the house, the messes were everywhere including her blouse. The tables were set along with the chairs, in hopes of a head count, that never was there.

The gizzards discovered, a quite gross affair, she cleaned the whole turkey, even derrière. She juilienned carrots and sprouted the Brussels, stirred so many pots that she pulled a few muscles.

The teenager came home to help with the prep. He cut up the bread cubes, crumbs under rug swept. He swirled up the egg nog and sauced the cranberry. A house full of high schoolers was sounding quite scary.

She looked at her son and filled up with pride, she was sharing instructions, he was right by her side. But the Mother/son bonding was just a facade, he was actually listening to rap on I-pods. When clean up time came with the tasks she did hate, he snuck to his room to avoid the same fate.

At midnight she decided to head up to bed, while visions of soap bubbles danced round her head. And with night of preparation finally over.. she thought to herself… “what a time to be sober!”

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