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Updated: Jan 22, 2023

Many years ago, I read two books that stuck with me.

The first, Love is a Mixtape, written by Rob Sheffield,

is a memoir to his late wife and the ways in which music intertwined with his memories. The second inspiration is a fictional story about a woman trying to.transition into a new path in life. She goes to a therapist who instructs her to write down every song/jingle/melody that gets stuck in her head. They then analyze the significance of each weekly list. Flash forward to many years later, I started a relationship with someone who has a similarly tethered connection between music and experiences. He can tell a million stories that spark from songs. We also often talk about the music stuck in our heads seemingly out of nowhere. We decided to start a Spotify playlist "Songs from the Subconscious" - a list of all the songs that mysteriously pop into our heads. With over 150 songs on it so far, it is clear that music pops into our minds quite often. In this blog, I want to launch into more depth and detail of the earwigs that visit me, their origins, and what I think they may be telling me now.

Looking forward to publishing the first installment of "Songs from the Subconscious" launching next week!

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